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100                                     FLORA   INOICA.
hundred species of temperate types common* to ooth, being
habitually found 1-3000 feet lower on the Khasia than in
Sikkim. For the same reason many tropical types, and even
species, ascend higher in Sikkim than they do in the Khasia;
the warm forest-clad and sheltered Himalayan valleys at 5-
7000 feet elevation, offering a very different climate to the
broad grassy tops of the Khasia. Such apparent exceptions
to the laws of distribution are frequent in India, rendering
it very difficult for the beginner to comprehend even the
general fcatui'cs of this branch of science, and for us to re-
duce them to such a system as shall be readily acquired.
It is unnecessary here to enumerate the prevalent forms of
the temperate flora of India, including as they do every na-
tural family, and almost every extensive or widely-spread
genus of north Europe, Siberia, and colder temperate Ame-
rica, and this whether of shrubs, trees, or herbs. The excep-
tions become, however, the wore important from their com-
parative paucity; of these wo may mention*the total absence
of Erica, Arbutus, AzulcUj Fay us, Coc/t/eftrwt Cwtace<et 7! Ha,
Lujrimut, WimaHthm, E'Mpetrtnn, various l/mM/ifrr/p, whilst
we find but few species of Hiertttinm, Trifolwm, Cetilfntrwi, J'V-
ronica, and fliaHthm.
Of genera many of which have Hitherto been usually con-
sidered as most characteristic of other parts of the world, but
for whose-maximum development we mast look to the Hi-
malaya, arc KftododewlroH, MoHOfropu, PM/iwtfarix, Y.Vy/A/-
/7>, Nqn'la, Cctrea, Spineer, Primula, Cmtsus, Iscnriwrtt, VHmr-
num, and Sawmrea.
Lastly, the Alpine or Arctic Flora doiuawls a few words
here, though it forms comparatively so small a fcatutv in the
vegetation of all India, that its full discussion nuist be re-
served to our remarks on the Alpine region of th$ 'Himalaya*
This, which hardly reaches its extreme upper limit at 18,500
feet above the sea, commences (ns we restrict it) above the
limit of trees throughout a great ptfirt of the Himalaya; it
partakes in its characteristic .genera of the temperate Flora,